Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to wear according to your shape.

Pants and skirts always been every girl's essential single product in the wardrobe. But there are too many kinds of bottoms, do you know which is best fit in you?  Let me introduce SIX kinds of body shape often seen in woman, and let's learn how to choose the best bottom part for your daily outfit.

1. The "Pear" Shape

Ladies who have Pear shape body are often seen with thicker measure of thigh compare to bust measurement. Attention, tight style must not be chooseChoose pleated and fluffy skirt to cover thick thighs area. Stretch the length of your legs by put on a pair of high-heeled shoes and make you look more slender.

Floral printed A-shaped dress
Lace Floral Pleated Elastic Waist Skirt

2. The "Apple" shape

Lady who has apple-shaped is when she has a thick waist. Choose pencil skirt to wrap the hips and thighs, so it can make the body look more even. To avoid the waist fat prominent, you may try to put on a wide belt around your waist, so it will increase S curve in other's visual sense.

Lace Spliced Slim Fit Pencil Skirt

Samsoe & Samsoe Sania Pencil Skirt with Split

Longer Length Midi Pencil Skirt

3.  The "Ratio fifty-five" Body Shape
Ladies who have 5-5 ratio of body proportion may choose on pants which are wider waist and narrow at the feet, can be a good extension of the leg line. Avoid over-long pants, your legs will be significantly look short when the pants piled on foot.  

Wave Pants

4.  The "Little Fatty and Short" Shape

Some ladies are tiny and they have really great shape, they can choose high waist and straight jeans in their shopping cart. This allows the waist to the crotch lines become more smooth and become a slimming effect for lady who has short height and not slender in shape.

Skinny High Waist Jeans

Double Breasted High Waist Jeans

5. The "Short Legs" Shape

Short legs ladies are worried on their not slender legs, this usually make them look short and fat when wearing the wrong bottoms. The only way of make your legs look slender is expose majority area of your legs to make them visually apparent. Choose an above knee mini skirt or a high waist skirt, lift-up your waist line make you look slender.

High Waist Fringe Solid Color Skirt

Vintage High Waist Flared Mini Skirt

6. The "Skinny" Shape

Ladies who was skinny need to show their curves as they have not excessive fat need to be cover. You only need to highlight the waist, low waist straight jeans can be so bold to wear. Attention! Do not roll up your trousers, don't pick the one too broad or too narrow; be perpendicular to the length of the ankle, this make the whole looks more symmetrical.

Trendy Zipper Skinny Jeans

Hole Tight Pants Feet Pencil Jeans

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