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Hey, sooo sorry that I let you guys waiting so long for new article, 

but good things always came later, right?

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Today, I am going to share a few principles for you all to make own FORMULAE! 

Form your own formulae instead of copying others. 

Unless you really got no idea how to dress up yourself. 

All girl shared one common problem in every morning


Even girls who have a whole room of wardrobes and new clothes, but

they still can't decide what they are going to wear today within half an hour! 


BF/HUSBAND:" Whatever, just simply pick one dress and go!"

Annoying :(

Cause they never know dress-up nicely is totally affect girl's mood on that day.

The only way to stop your wordy guys,  is to get yourself a "DRESS-UP FORMULAE"

Rather than time-consuming make-up session, dress up within 15 minutes with your formulae, 

and tell them to shut your mouth off (just kidding).

Carmen Hamilton, Fashion Blogger
Vera Van Erp, Model
Nausheen Shah, Pakistani Drama Actress
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Carmen Hamilton, Fashion Blogger

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Minimal style never goes wrong with the black and white combination.

This look is for those who wanna look classy and fabulous.

With your white lapel pleated dress.

Pair it with black classy ankle boots and shoulder messenger handbag.

If you still thinking of missing something.

Just complete your look with a modern clavicle necklace.

Get Dress Here

Get Handbag Here

Get Ankle Boots Here

Get Necklace Here

This look is a combination of a white tee and a pair of pencil pants leggings.

This is the comfiest and laid back outfit you can go out with.

Adding round lens sunglasses and zippered PU Jacket,

you absolutely look stylish and edgy walking down the street.

Don't forget a black leather handbag and

a pair of classy white heel to complete your minimal style!

Get T-Shirt Here

Get Legging Here

Get Jacket Here

Get Sunglasses Here

Get Handbag Here

Get Heel Here

Mixing of the black and gold elements was absolutely stunning!

Simple design one-piece is the item that girl must-have in the closet.

This look is made up of woolen dress and paired it with a pair of gold straps pointed shoes.

In order to not look like a boring office lady,

take a cute black kitty handbag with you,

and complete your look with some accessories like:

a chic ring and a leather watch!

Get Dress Here

Get Shoes Here

Get Handbag Here

Get Watch Here

Get Ring Here

This is a look that mixed up the elements of vintage and retro.

You look absolutely edgy with the elegant floral print vintage dress

with a pair of casual wedges.

Adding some retro elements to make your vintage style extraordinary fabulous!

Here you go, metallic gold chain shoulder bag/ clutch, fishbone chain necklaces 

and modern crystal bracelet to complete your OOTD.

The off-shoulder is no longer a trend, it's a wardrobe essential now!

You can be sexy even in cold weather with an off-shoulder dress.

It's easy to do mix and match with off-shoulder items, 

you can just paired 

 a pair of gladiator sandals in casual.

Complete your sexy and glamorous style with accessories:

alligator leather bag, trendy sunglasses, multilayer leather bracelet 

and some jewelry to bright your style : stars earrings.

This look is for teenage girls and young ladies to have a country style look.

You can wear on a simple white dress to look chic off-the-shoulder.

A panama hat is a must to protect you from UV and leisurely styling up.

 A princess shouldn't ever forget her shoes while dating with her prince,

paired with a pair of red bowknot pumps, Glossy !

Add a little cuteness to your look with the cute bunny shape bag

tiara ring, and a crystal stones necklace.

Six Fomulaes were shared above,

so please no more laziness,

 form your own "Clothing Formulae" start by today!

Hope You Guys Having Good Time of Reading! 

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