Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Time flies like an arrow.
Now is the last week of April in 2016.
I feel totally excited for coming month - MAY.
Because when May comes, your salary comes to you too! you know how realistic I am.

There are many nice places for you to go on a vacation or backpacking.
What are you waiting for?
Take your leave, book the flight tickets and take some fresh air from other countries.

I know you are excited about travelling
Other than passport and money, 
remember to pack your luggage with all comfy and stylish clothing, 
  Sure you don't wanna look ugly in those photos memories.

Today, I am going to share some travel outfit X mix&match.

Without further procrastinate!

  Let's take a look and create a stunning look for your vacation

Rumi Neely, fashion blogger
Kiara Schwartz, fashion blogger for Tobruck Ave.

Cara McLeay, fashion blogger
Pernille Teisbaek, fashion director
Rach Parcell, fashion blogger for pink peonies

You should never miss out jumpsuits for your travel outfit!
Jumpsuits are so comfy and convenient to wear.

Start your adventures with a simple jumpsuit, a shoulder bag 
and a fantastic flat flip-flop.
Add on some accessories to go boho with
multilayer bracelets and necklaces.

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How can you travel without any floral printed items?
Floral dress is a MUST-HAVE item in your luggage.
The reason is they are so space-saving than those heavy jeans!
You may wear your dress with a nude color cardigan, paired with a tassels flat boots, gyspsy!
A leather handbag to keep your small little accessories and makeup gadgets. 

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This is a boyish style for cool girls who like tank top and ripped jeans!
Travel with jeans is most of the fashion bloggers did!
Jeans are heavy so you only have to bring the most classic or your favorite jeans with you!
With the jeans, just simply wear a tank top or a simple tee, paired with a pair of comfy white sneakers.

Complete your travel style with a classic sunglasses and a bucket bag.

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This look is made of combination of two MUST-HAVE items in your wardrobe.
First, white graphic tee and the second, denim skirt.
They are one of the perfect match travelling clothing. 
It's a simple match that made you look classy and young.
Add on accessories: a floppy wide hat to protect you from sunlight, 
a detailed-designed sunglasses, a skull bracelet, a candy necklace, a pinky watch,
and a pair of leather flat sandals.

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Denim dress or now we called it shirt dress, it's one of the fashion vibes NOW!
I guess you know what to do the plaid shirt, right?
Don't wear it like a nerd, please!
Yeah, yeah, you are clever, just tied it on your waist after you wear on the denim dress!
Complete your look with a Bruno MaRs sunglasses
a cello-designed travel backpack and an up-wrap simple heeled-sandals!

Here's the last look to recommend today.
This look is combination of leisure and office wearing items.
There are no bondaries to differentiate between office clothing and traveling clothing,
it depends on how you match it!
You can wear a tank top with a pencil skirts when you are going to a casual party during the trip.
Add on accessories: a statement necklace,  silver metal rings
a red bucket bag and a pair of nude rivets heeled-sandals.

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