Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Summer Must Have ---- [White Sneakers]

Hi, Leona is back!

One blog in a week has become one of my duties!

Gonna find some inspirations and write something here 

so I won't turn into a lazy bug Leona XD

Okay, no more bullshit (oopsy)!

Let's talk about fashion!

[White Sneakers]

It's unnecessary for women to wear a four-inch stiletto all the time, 

heels are sexy, but it's also painful if you don't know how to wear them!


Just wear a pair of comfortable feet wears!

Let's tackle the world in a pair of sneakers! Rock!

Kate Waterhouse - fashion blogger

Gigi Hadid - American fashion model and television personality

Sonia France - fashion blogger
Christine Andrew - fashion blogger

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           You can create any looks you like and         

            dress up in any styles with a pair of White Sneakers          

          in the Summer of 2016!        

Hope you guys enjoy your day!

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