Wednesday, 25 May 2016

BeachWear Fashion


What's your plan during the summer?

Turn on your wanderlust mode and travel?

or prefer to stay in air-conditioned indoor?

If you pick the second option,

Leona is going to knock your door and drag you away from the air-condition!

Don't waste your with stupid drama at home!

Turn on your vacation mode and put on the sexiest bikini!

What are you waiting for?

Let's go get all the hot guys' attention on the tropical beach~

[Let's take a look at some unique beaches that you'd never seen before]

Maldive Islands 

Pfeiffer Beach @ Purple Sands @ Big Sur

Starfish Beach @ Grand Cayman @ Carribean

Pink Sands Beach @ Harbour Island @ Bahamas

Black Sand Beach @ Hawaii @ United States

Kathleen , fashion blogger for Carrie Bradshaw Lied
Brandi, fashion blogger for Run Style Run

Chriselle Lim, fashion blogger for The Chriselle Factor
Jessica Stein, fashion blogger for Tuula

Nadia Fairfax, fashion blogger

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Shop Items Here: 

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Go SEXY with all the beachwear items suggested by Leona!  

Yeah, Leona is me! Hahaha

Hope you guys enjoy seeing all the mix & match!

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