Thursday, 9 June 2016


***C'EST LA VIE***

The clock won't wait for us,
Chances won't wait for us,
Success won't wait for us,
Happiness won't wait for us,
Time won't wait for us,
Life won't wait for us !




Hello! Fellows~  Welcome back to WAZZFABULUSTER !!!

 Leona is back, 

she's happy to see you here, 

and she had tried her best to get up from her very soft and comfy bed sheet today,

to write her blog and deliver all her mind shit here XD

JUNE and SUMMER VIBE still going strong among fashion trendsetters!

So today, Leona is going to share her ideas on 

how to vibes your summer with the plain tee!

but FIRST,

you need PLAIN TEE!

Must have classic colour:

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Okay~ Leona is running out of time !

She' s going to have tea time with bunch of friends~

She hopes you guys enjoy reading her blahblahblah and outfits ideas!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

By Leona Wazzle

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